Jewellery Remodelling

Here are some examples of how Boormans have helped customers remodel old pieces of jewellery into something new.   

Forget me not Ring

Using the gold from our customers original wedding ring and adding some more in we made a new wedding ring. The forget me not and heart design was then engraved onto the new ring.

Before After Jewellery Remodelling WokingJewellery repairs Woking
Before After Jewellery repairs knaphill

5 Diamond Elusion Set Ring

We combined 2 diamonds that our customer had inherited from family members with 3 diamonds that we supplied, to make this 5 diamond ring. Each diamond was set in an elusion setting and then set into the ring.

Ruby and Diamond Ring

4 diamonds from a ring our customer no longer wore and a ruby they had received as a gift were re-set into this stunning 5 stone rub over setting ring.

Before After
Before After

Diamond Heart Pendant

Boormans re-modelled a wedding ring that our customer had inherited into the heart shape, added a diamond from an odd earring and then added a bail to make it into a beautiful pendant. 

Please call us anytime to discuss your jewellery remodelling idea